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  • I believe that any student can pass, or even excel, on the NYS French Regents Exam, and I tutor only this level. Please contact me only if your child is taking the French Regents this year.
  • Sessions last 65 minutes, unless we are doing Regents practice exams, in which case they may last longer.
  • A French-style snack and beverage is provided to the student at each session
  • Students may attend tutoring weekly, every other week, or any schedule that works for them.
  • I work with the Whole Person. I try to get a sense of who the child is, and I connect French with the child through engaging pathways that follow the child's natural interests. My methods are unique, unconventional, and effective.
  • We play French computer games, prepare French recipes (in French!), listen to French music, read French books, etc., etc. as part of various sessions.
  • All four language components are practiced at each session: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. I reinforce, as well as supplement, what your child does in class.

Please contact me for more details:
Erica Chase-Salerno